Horny at Work!

Pictures from work of me getting horny sexting with my two guys

Anonymous said: hey would you like to submit to my blog @womenexcellence(.)tumblr(.)com? it can can be nsfw or not, thanks and hopelly you can submit :) (P.s. I have 5.4k+ followers and my personal blog has 16k+ followers, for a total of about 21k+ :D)

Yes would love to. Anything you would like?

onegoodfish said: Is it OK if a female follows your blog?

Yes I Love female attention as much male:)

Went out to happy hour with my hubby. He was so sexy in his work clothes. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I talked him into going into the bathroom with me to finger me and suck his cock. God!!! I was so wet and horny by then. I ended up taking his cock out right there under the table to touch him.  I ended up jacking him off while the waitress sat down opposite of us and tabbing us out.