Horny at Work!

Pictures from work of me getting horny sexting with my two guys

onegoodfish said: Is it OK if a female follows your blog?

Yes I Love female attention as much male:)

Went out to happy hour with my hubby. He was so sexy in his work clothes. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I talked him into going into the bathroom with me to finger me and suck his cock. God!!! I was so wet and horny by then. I ended up taking his cock out right there under the table to touch him.  I ended up jacking him off while the waitress sat down opposite of us and tabbing us out. 

semenslanger said: Love your blog, and its a huge turn on what you and hubby are doing. I want more lol

Thank you! I’ve been busy with work and bad weather. But me and hubby  have taken lots of new pics. So we’ll post soon. Hope you enjoy.

justforfun82009-deactivated2014 said: I get horny and play at work too. I use to have a lunch buddy but she moved away for a new job. I've always ha a fantasy of someone sucking my cock under my desk while meeting with clients. Work is just too long to not get horny during it!

I agree. Some sexy time makes the day go so much faster!! I’ve never sucked a cock under a desk or had my pussy touched, but I love the idea of it. But I did pull my hubby’s cock out and jack him off under a table the other day while the waitress was there. She kept asking questions and we were paying the whole time. I felt so sneaky and so wet!!! He loved it too.So had. Post pics soon. 

Tell me about your lunch buddy? It turns me on. I need details! Or pics!